CIRFSM.ORG Aid Single Parents (MOMS & DADS) and Grandparents with Vehicle Services needs

   Cars, Insurance and Repairs for SINGLE MOTHERS, Inc. (CIRFSM.ORG) is taking an aggressive approach to not allow, Vehicle Repair needs, Insurance Payments needs and/or the need of a car, be an obstacles standing between Single Parents (Moms & Dads) and Grandparents ability to Beneficially and Gainfully support their Kids and Grandkids. (Car Repairs - (engines and transmissions, tune-ups, brakes, batteries, tires, windshields, and More.), Car Insurance and/or Cars).

CIRFSM.ORG operate solely off Donations, "blessings", from the Community and Institutional Financial Giving.


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        CIRFSM.ORG Pay for Car Repairs, Car Insurance and Buy Cars for Single Parents and Grandparents in need, Nationwide*

* Single Parents (Moms & Dads) and Grandparents, Use the  Register Page  above to Send a Message detailing Vehicle need(s)*

         ""PARENTS (Moms & Dads) and GRANDPARENTS are Amazing.""

Supporting Single Parents, Grandparents and their Child(ren)'s Vehicle Needs are as simple as Donating $11 per Month for 12 Months.

Every Blessing Counts.

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