Cars, Insurance and Repairs for Single Mothers, Inc.
501 (C) (3) Tax Exempt Organization  -  Contributions are Tax Deductible as provided for by the IRS

Cars, Insurance and Repairs for Single Mothers, Inc.

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Vehicle Financial Aid for Single Mothers (Parents)

Help us take away one of the most common reasons, next to childcare, that hinders success in Single Parent households (Cars, Insurance and Car Repairs).    Cars, Insurance and Repairs for SINGLE MOTHERS, Inc. is taking an aggressive approach in combating this chief complaint of Single Mothers. This is a last ditch effort to remove at least One of the stresses standing between Single Mothers and beneficial and gainful employment., a 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit organization, is working solely off donations, deemed blessings, from the community and institutional investments.

Supporting SINGLE MOTHERS in and out of SEASON. Happy HOLIDAYS

'Yearly WE Give 60 Million MEALS to Animals.?'  ""WOMAN are Amazing.""

Sponsor a Single Mother and Her Child(ren) HOLIDAY MEAL for $30. Donate Below or at:

Every blessing counts. Feel free to apply or simply donate to this amazing cause.

    At We Make Insurance Payments, Pay for Car Repairs and Buy Cars for Single Mothers in Need!!!

 Our dedicated team serve Single Parents throughout the United States (USA)

*** Single Mothers Go to the Contact Us Page and Send us a Message with details of your Vehicle need(s)***. 

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